EVE Overheated – Episode 8

A new theme song. Found it. Loved it. You can never beat that song. Period.   Ok, EVE Overheated is back with a new episode covering several topics: 1. World of Darkness, CCP Unifex, and future of CCP 2. CSM election wrapup – Who I voted for and why, despite my dwindling faith in the [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 7

A new episode? You bet! Jade returns with a more ‘normal’ format to discuss a few timely topics. In this episode: 1. CSM elections & Jade — What! No coverage!?! 2. Reaction to and clarification of comments from another podcast 3. In game activities & reminiscing ‘the journey’ 4. Fanfest and Shoutouts Enjoy the show!

EVE Overheated – Episode 6 – Update

After a hiatus, Jade decides to return to the microphone to give any remaining listeners and followers an update on his status. Is there more to come from the seasoned podcaster and gamer?

Never say never

An increasing number of people have been asking “Where’s Jade?” The truth is, I’m done with EVE…for now. Listeners of my podcast know I’ve lost my job and am now effectively unemployed and living in a city where new employment is pretty tough, considering the economy of the whole country of Finland is the worst [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 5

(00:35) The Beginning We return with a guest and trial co-host applicant, Wilko who is from ~the other side~ in NCDot. That’s right. Wilko’s first impressions of Rubicon. Epic intro to a story regarding a runaway Raven. Touching on some podcast comments. (05:13) CCP. CSM. The Minutes. W-T-F!? Where…are…the ~SUMMER~ minutes? It’s nearing the end [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 4

(0:36) The beginning Length of time between episodes lengthened but excitement to return. Comments can come via the website at eveoverheated.com. Progress regarding the co-host search, CSM8, special topic from Podside podcast, Rubicon first thoughts, in game experiences and shout outs. (3:43) The co-host process – Still searching. Finding the right person is key. Good [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 3

Yarrrr! It’s the Halloween War! In this episode: – Breaking News! — The Halloween War. Forces from S2N/PL move to clash heads with RUS/BL to kick off the winter war 2013…just a bit early! – ‘The Jesus Feature’ and the negative connotation the term has become for EVE Online – Au revoir and Va te faire [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 2

Back again! Surprise! In this episode: – Rubicon takes the spotlight in this episode as I attempt to go through some of the key features of this “expansion” and why I feel the way I do about it. – ‘Brief’ Null Sec news update – Guide (1st attempt) : Creating an alliance in EVE Online [...]

EVE Overheated – The Pilot Episode

It’s here! The first episode of EVE Overheated has arrived. The procrastination has ended and I got it done. In this episode, I cover the reason for starting EVE Overheated and why Lost in Eve had to end. I also cover a couple of CCP related news as well as set up some future podcasts [...]