EVE Overheated – Episode 13

Jade returns with a shorter and leaner episode. 1. Introductions 2. The Comment Wall (responding to comments left on EVE Overheated website) 3. What’s new with the show? 4. Crius thoughts and responding to the Doom & Gloom comments around the pod and blog-o-sphere 5. What’s happening in game? 6. Shoutouts COMMENT: Sorry for the [...]

Virtual reality podded by the reality of RL…for now

My mind is entrenched with several topics in and around the New Eden universe as I continue to remain somewhat ‘plugged in’ to the ongoings of EVE Online through news sites, blogs, and especially podcasts. The realities of real life during these summer months have made an exceptional impact on my ability to play the [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 12

(00:01:08) Introductions – Discussions of the latest of happenings in New Eden – Kronos, CCP layoffs, community issues – Brief comments of Lost in Eve being hosted over at multiplexgaming.com and a small review of what EVE Overheated is about. (00:04:49) Community News – Jester’s Trek is no more but Ripard Teg is not leaving [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 11

(00:00) Introductions Discussions of: – Coming changes in the first release of CCP’s new release cycle, Kronos and whether this ‘change’ is good for the game. Details of the actual Kronos changes are gone through as well. – Some community-related news from some other podcasts that Jade feels compelled to comment on – Null sec [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 10

(0:36) Introductions Talking Fanfest – One of the more interesting ones in a while. Check out Crossing Zebras Ep. 42 for more. Reminiscing the episode 9 ‘bleak’ outlook and the release of episode 10…the blogs start flowing. An apology & correction regarding a CSM ‘oops’ comment during a previous episode. ‘Chuck in a sicky’ and [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 9

Jade, who clearly is suffering with stuffy nose  (lol) is back with a a new episode of EVE Overheated podcast! In this episode, Jade covers: 1. Fanfest 2014 (version 2.0) http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/fanfest/2014/FF2014_Brochure_WEB.pdf 2. 3 years (I hope I’m wrong) blog and podcast comments http://evenews24.com/2014/04/27/submissions-three-years-i-hope-im-wrong/ 3. Another Null sec alliance gets hit with RL http://puu.sh/8qwq1/3c01f5380b.png http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/245syn/gents_disbanding_gsf_to_get_sov/ 4. [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 8

A new theme song. Found it. Loved it. You can never beat that song. Period.   Ok, EVE Overheated is back with a new episode covering several topics: 1. World of Darkness, CCP Unifex, and future of CCP 2. CSM election wrapup – Who I voted for and why, despite my dwindling faith in the [...]

EVE Overheated – Episode 7

A new episode? You bet! Jade returns with a more ‘normal’ format to discuss a few timely topics. In this episode: 1. CSM elections & Jade — What! No coverage!?! 2. Reaction to and clarification of comments from another podcast 3. In game activities & reminiscing ‘the journey’ 4. Fanfest and Shoutouts Enjoy the show!

EVE Overheated – Episode 6 – Update

After a hiatus, Jade decides to return to the microphone to give any remaining listeners and followers an update on his status. Is there more to come from the seasoned podcaster and gamer?

Never say never

An increasing number of people have been asking “Where’s Jade?” The truth is, I’m done with EVE…for now. Listeners of my podcast know I’ve lost my job and am now effectively unemployed and living in a city where new employment is pretty tough, considering the economy of the whole country of Finland is the worst [...]